http://roiet.io (ร้อยเอ็ด.io)

” Non-engineer can create digital project. ”

For everyone who does not have knowledge with electronic components or computer programming before. But would like to play with digital devices, i.e. the Microcontroller, the tiny Single Board Computer, Electronic device, Sensors and so on.

I am ex-computer engineer and father of 1. I enjoy educating kids or non I.T. person to understand basic computer programming, basic electronic or sometime robot programming with workshop.

Now is the Internet of Things era. There are inexpensive devices around us which we can develop and learn by ourself with fun. Let play with it by easy learning material and tutorial.

Be a Maker, not only the User.

Learn, Play & Build with Computer Science and Engineering.

Have fun & share.

PS. why “roiet”?
(1) Roi-Et is the name of my hometown and it means ‘101’ in Thai language which equivalent to digital digit.
(2) The ‘101’ means ‘introductory something’ which use in college course name system. I would like this website be the first place of beginner who would like to do digital projects with not require experiences before.
(3) The last, …it short and easy to remember.





Pairoch J.


“Computer Science and Engineering, Internet of Things, IoT, Arduino, Esp8266, Raspberry Pi, Cloud, Robot, Maker, Tech Startup, Coding, Digital Lab, Basic Electronic, Innovation for Kid, STEM Education”

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